Who needs a musical cot mobile?

A new beginning, a delightful smell, excitement, and an atmosphere of optimism in the air – all accompany the arrival of a newborn baby. In other words, sheer joy and bliss all around. But along with this sweet cotton candy feeling, you can’t ignore the new mom’s new, intensive reality. Exhaustion, recovering from the birth, sleepless nights, a rigorous schedule of tasks, endless laundry, and let’s not forget – entertaining a constant flow of well-wishers, all craving a glimpse of the new arrival. The baby is the center of attention, and the mother’s sole focus is taking care of her cub’s needs – for the first few months at least. She puts herself second – her needs and desires, and especially her appearance – and if there are older siblings at home, then third or fourth. There isn’t much time for basic beauty care. Hair and nails become a distant dream for now, and what about clothes? A pair of faded sweatpants is the most accessible item, making mom feel even less attractive.

At Meira Sitton we’ve put together a selection of “new mom gifts” especially for new mothers. No more a musical cot mobile for the newborn, or knitted baby clothes that the little one will outgrow in about a month. Mom will take care of baby’s needs, and we’ll take care of her. “How?”, you ask. With comfortable clothes for a body that has just brought new life into the world, made from soft, caressing fabrics. The clothes by Meira Sitton will not only lift the new mother’s spirits when she looks at herself in the mirror, she will also feel comfortable in them when she entertains the constant flow of visitors during her maternity leave.

In our “new mom gifts”, no distinction is made with regard to the newborn’s gender, or the customary colors for boys and girls, and even our sizes (S, M, L) enable you to play it safe. The fabrics are made from pure, breathable linen, which falls lightly over the body, and enables the new mom to comfortably go about the numerous new tasks she now needs to perform throughout the day and night. So, before you rush into the nearest toy store, here is a selection of new mom gift options. The added value we offer is that these are not short-life products; these gifts will serve the new mom for many years to come, and you should take into account that you may not need a gift receipt. Mark our words. 

We’ll begin with jellabiyas. Let’s face it, there really isn’t anything as comfortable as a jellabiya, especially if you’re spending long hours at home. The jellabiya dresses by Meira Sitton are made from 100% pure washed linen, and are available in two colors: midnight blue or white. Since they are made from a breathable fabric, they are comfortable to wear, the cut is feminine and flattering, and they enable the wearer to go about her daily routines with ease.

Another option is a robe, also made from 100% pure washed linen, which is available in two designs – a long kimono robe, and a short kimono robe – in three colors: white, midnight blue, and sand. All the robes are belt-tied, and can also be worn over clothes as a fashionable accessory; they even feature big, comfortable pockets – a must for new moms.

We’ve included two additional garments in our collection: tops and pants. They are loose-fitting and caress the body, even hug it, if you will. Like our robes, the linen pants are available in three colors: white, midnight blue, and sand. They are meticulously designed with elastic waists, and no zippers or buttons – because who has the time to mess around with their pants when the little one is crying and wants to eat right now!?

Our tops, too, are made in accordance with the same design principle, and the same color palette. Without too much fuss, but with a great deal of thought about comfort and aesthetics, because a woman who has just brought new life into the world deserves to feel and look her best, even if she is sleep deprived.