Raw Water Jugs

The natural solution for drinking clean water – naturally.
Porous clay jugs that filter out debris and particles from tap water. They enhance the water’s flavor, and restore its “vitality”, without passing through electronic filters.
The jugs also cool the water to the correct temperature for the body, depending on the climate, so that it is no cooler than the body needs.

The jugs are made from Hebron clay – a pale-colored clay found in riverbeds in the Hebron mountains. Silt collects in pools, and the clean clay sinks to the bottom.
Since the natural clay is of varying earthy colors, the color of the jugs can be light brown, beige, reddish, or even a combination of colors.
After the jugs have been worked on a potter’s wheel, they are transferred to a ceramic kiln for firing at a relatively low temperature to ensure the pores in the clay remain open.

Instructions: Fill the jug with tap water. Wait at least two hours, and enjoy delicious, clean water. Simple.

Before first use, clean the jug thoroughly, and fill it with water. Wait 12 hours, and discard the water. The jug is now ready for use.

Always place the jug in a bowl to collect the water the clay “sweats out”. 

The jug can sweat out about two cups of water in 12 hours. Empty the bowl once a day, and drink the water, or use it for cooking or to water your plants.

Cleaning: Clean only the outside of the jug. Do not use soap. Hot water and a scouring pad will do the job.

Over time, white scale or chlorine stains will appear on the outside of the jug – proof of its filtering abilities. From time to time, wash the outside of the jug and leave it to dry completely.
We recommend replacing the jug after about a year, depending on frequency of use, just as you would a water filter. You can keep the old jug and use it as a decorative object.