MEIRASITTON offers a collection of refined yet casual home textiles, designed to elevate the daily rituals of bathing, dining and sleeping.

We are driven by the belief that surrounding ourselves by objects that last and give content contributes to well-being. Therefore we are convinced that elements of a home should be chosen thoughtfully - in harmony with function and aesthetic.

To ensure longevity and constant comfort, all MEIRASITTON styles have been stripped down to their most natural and useful form. The color palette is built on neutrals, darks and muted tones that blend into any space.

Inherently, the brand focuses on working with pure linen. In addition to its beauty, it is five times stronger than cotton, hypoallergenic and fully biodegradable. That is why, though the material is rooted in ancient history, meirasitton believes it is the fabric of the future: a durable and smart textile that mirrors a conscious mindset. Meirasitton linens distil the barest of essentials to continuously uplift everyday in-house living.


Born in jerusalem, Meira was raised in a household where the ordinary was celebrated. Her mother’s love for table-setting, at-home styling and overall ambiance made her appreciate the aesthetic of everyday life.

After completing a bachelor in textile design at the shenkar college of engineering, design and art, meira landed a job at delta, one of the biggest manufacturers of underwear and loungewear. After several years as senior designer, meira moved to new york, where she worked for renowned labels like calvin klein and nautica in leading design positions.

Upon returning to israel, meira found that she struggled to find fine fabrics for her interior design work. This seemingly insurmountable search for simple yet quality linen led her to create the solution herself. Thus, she arrived to pure linen, a smart textile known for its heritage, elegance and character. The fabric marked her path and helped her to build the namesake label that meirasitton is today.