Secrets of Entertaining

Secrets of Entertaining

Tablecloths, napkins, and tea towels aren’t just some more home textile products to be relegated to the back of the cupboard; they are essential items that will turn every meal into a special occasion

Winter will always make you a bit more of a homebody, regardless of your preferred season. The sound of raindrops pattering against the windows, and the condensation forming on them, evoke a desire to spend time together, to cuddle up, and stay warm – and also to indulge our bellies… And when it comes to a wintry weekend – it’s an even bigger celebration. Gathering around the table in winter, the ritual of serving, eating, and conversation stretches out, followed by coffee, tea, and dessert while the children play in the living room – and before you know it, darkness falls, and another pleasant and cozy weekend has come to an end.

Entertaining (whatever the season) is not only about the food you serve – delicious as it may be. Entertaining also includes everything else around it, and responds, among other things, to the adage that you eat with your eyes first.

Take into account that entertaining is about paying attention to the little details, which are actually big. It affects our consciousness and experience. And just as a well-designed home contributes to various aspects of our life, so does how we conduct ourselves around the table.

Let’s begin with the lead actress: the tablecloth. While it fulfills a functional role and protects the tabletop, it also serves as a backdrop for the food being served, because when the table is covered with a tablecloth, we conduct ourselves accordingly. For instance, take a restaurant where the tables are covered with tablecloths in contrast with a restaurant that serves the food directly onto the table. Even if both restaurants serve exactly the same food, the difference in how it is served provides a completely different feeling, which impacts the overall experience.

Like all Meira Sitton textile products, our tablecloths are made from 100% linen, and are available in three colors: White, Natural Flax, and Gray Mélange, and in three sizes (medium, large, and extra-large). They provide a clean, smooth, and elegant look, and will consequently suit whichever style of tableware you choose to serve the food.


The supporting actresses are, of course, napkins, a luxurious addition to the table. So, instead of you and your guests reaching for the nearest paper napkins during the meal, and then discarding them, linen napkins will continue to fulfill their function. Also, at the end of the meal you can just pop them into the washing machine, and they’ll come out even softer to the touch. Meira Sitton napkins are also available in different colors: white, Gray Mélange, Natural Flax, and French Gray, which blend harmoniously on the table, making them particularly suited to a culinary experience.


The tea towels by Meira Sitton are additional supporting actresses. Besides their familiar, classic, everyday use in the kitchen, our tea towels can also be used as an elegant bread or challah cover, and if you want to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your table, these tea towels can serve as a surprising and refreshing substitute for napkins.

Our tea towels are 67x47 cm, and they are available in a range of colors: Light Gray, Black, Graphite, Natural Flax, White, Powder, Brown, and Aqua.



Tip: Don’t come to your hosts emptyhanded; bring a giftwrapped Meira Sitton tablecloth, napkins, or tea towels, and watch your hosts go absolutely gaga over them.