What are we talking about when we talk about sustainability?

Sustainability is a big word that manifests in the details.
In our little domain, we work to ensure environmental thinking in every aspect of our products’ life, which are lovingly made for people, for the environment, and for the planet.

Quality raw materials

Environmental awareness and responsibility begin with the initial raw material – in our case, the fibers. The significance of choosing only natural and organic fibers – cotton and linen – is closely linked to environmental issues such as biodegradation, recycling, and reducing consumption. Our products are made from superior quality fibers, and are designed for many years of use. We make a point of creating timeless classic designs featuring clean, modern lines, which ensures their longevity and durability, and they eventually disintegrate of their own accord without polluting the planet.

Ethical manufacturing

Treatment of the organic cotton and linen from which our products are made, from cultivation in the field to leaving the plant, is conducted in compliance with strict international standards. The GOTS® (Global Organic Standard) for cotton, and the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100   for linen, dictate, among other things, use of non-genetically modified seeds, no use of pesticides and chemicals in the cultivation process, and regulated and reduced water use. The processing and manufacturing also adhere to a broad environmental and climatic approach, free of chemicals and toxins, using non-polluting natural dyes, and ensuring economical work processes. The standards also define clear principles for protecting workers’ rights throughout the supply chain, strictly protecting their wages, health, safety, work hours, and additional fundamental issues associated with their wellbeing and employment conditions.

Sustainability at home

Our products are created for closeness, touch, and everyday use. When we developed them, we thought about comfort, wellbeing, health, tranquility, and pleasure. The raw materials we use, the strict cultivation and manufacturing processes, the natural dyes, and the design, ensure all these in and outside the home. Choosing our textile products is not just a good long-term investment, but also a wise and conscious choice of a more balanced, attentive, and mindful life – for ourselves and for our surroundings.

Environment and community

We like to collaborate with wonderful Israeli artists. Thus, thanks to them, a creative community is emerging in our shop, of people with shared core values and a shared desire to continue creating and developing.

Merav Waldman is a ceramicist who makes ceramic bowls especially for us.

Adam Salvi is a glass and ceramics artist who designs and makes vases and bowls for us using traditional glass blowing techniques.

TIMO-HANDMADE – designer Timor Cohen uses our textile scraps to make handmade dolls.

Studio Odaka makes a special collection of ceramic products for us.

Our commitment

Our environmental journey has no end point. Sustainability is not a passing trend, but a purpose – a long road we are walking, trying to listen and do good – and we are committed to continue improving.